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Netbooks vs. Ultra Thin Laptop

There is no question, the whole debate about what is or isn’t a netbook will rage on into 2010. Now with the launch of Microsoft Windows 7, it seems there is a new comptetitor for the netbook. The move by laptop manufacturers to an ultra thin laptop is their answer to the netbook. It would seem, that the profit margins on netbooks is small, and the industry has responded. Their response has been to come up with a new class of laptop. Ultrathin laptops are going to blur the distinction between what is or isn’t a netbook.

Face it, netbooks showed the laptop manufacturers how important small, light and portable is. The laptops were being invaded by a new portable computer. You could question the future or either of these computers. Will consumers still call an ultra thin laptop a netbook? Or will there become a clear definition as to the size, say 10.1" and lower is netbook and anything bigger than 10.1" is now considered an ultra thin laptop?

You see, it’s all quite confusing. You have companies like Dell criticizing netbooks and suggesting their offer a poor user experience. On the other hand Dell also can’t make a lot of money on netbooks, plus they have a new line of ultra thin laptops which they are marketing. Why say positive comments towards netbooks when your profits are made with laptops? Exactly the point.

It’s going to be an interesting battle over the next year. Without a doubt, ultra thin laptop computers will be a force. Battery life, weight, size and most importantly, cost, will be the important aspects of how successful the ultra thin laptop market will be. Part of me still thinks that the consumer will take a look at these new ultra thin laptops and call them netbooks.

Ultra thin laptop – Acer Timeline Photo

acer ultrathin laptop
© 2009 Acer

Acer is becoming one of the best laptop makers in the world. This picture shows you one of their Timeline ultra thin laptop computers. Expect a great product from Acer, and we’re sure about this new line of laptops.

Ultra Thin Laptop FAQ

Since this ultra thin catagory of laptop computer is relatively new, we hopefully can answer some of the most common questions about ultrathin laptops.

What are the specifications of an ultrathin or ultra thin laptop computer?

With a new class or catagory of laptop there will be some confusion. Early on, I would suggest that ultrathin laptops are: 1" thick or less, under 5 lbs, do not have a dvd drive, battery life of more than seven hours, and use the new CULV Intel processors.


In 2011 there is another ultra thin laptop which have the AMD Fusion processors. These are low power CPU’s that have great battery life. An ultra thin laptop with these new AMD processors are cheaper than those with the Intel processors. A great option if you’re looking to save a bit of money without sacrificing a lot of quality or battery life.

Does an ultra thin laptop have a dvd optical drive?

Short answer is no, they don’t have an optical drive. To keep the cost down and the laptop ultra thin, a dvd drive simply doesn’t fit.

What size screens do the ultrathin laptops come in?

Since the first really big push of ultra thin laptops is coming, expect to see a variety of sizes ranging from 11 inches to 13 or possibly 14 inches.

Is an ultra thin laptop better than a netbook?

Hard to answer, but for computing power, the ultra thin laptop will outperform current netbook computers. Ultrathin laptops will be very similar weight in comparible sizes. So, an 11 inch netbook will be only slight lighter than an 11 inch ultrathin laptop. Storage capacity will be greater on an ultrathin laptop also.

Photo of a Dell 11 Inch Laptop

dell 11 inch laptop

Image of a Toshiba Ultra Thin Laptop

ultra thin laptop by toshiba
© 2009 Toshiba

Toshiba have been leaders in the laptop market for years. It looks like their new line of Satellite T100 ultra thin laptops will keep that same quality reputation intact. I know what I want for Christmas!

The Future of Ultra Thin Laptops

There are some exciting new ultra thin laptop computer coming to market. Intel has bumped up the power on new processors for ultrathin laptops so expect those in the coming months. The even better news is that AMD is coming out with ultra thin processors to rival Intel. This added competition in the ultra thin laptop market means one thing. Faster, better and cheaper ultrathin laptops! AMD will have ATI graphics integration which means better performance for gaming and more video intensive tasks. Intel will respond to match the threat posed by the AMD ultrathins coming to market. So if you’ve been holding off on buying an ultrathin laptop up until now, you’ve done a smart thing. The next batch of ultra thin laptops is going to be amazing! Of course we will keep you updated on the prices and release dates on all these new laptops as they get set for the market.

We want to bring you fresh new information on these new emerging ultrathin laptops. As we approach late 2011, more and more exciting product are going to be hitting store shelves. Why do we love ultrathin laptops so much? They are cheap! They are light! They are thin! They are powerful! That pretty much sums it up. They are just great laptops and will be the new wave of laptops. Welcome to the ultra thin laptop revolution folks!

We want to help you make the best choice when shopping for an ultra thin laptop computer. You likely want to know what the best ultra thin laptop is. We will give you big images and not thumbnails. Big makes it easy for you to see the important details of these ultra thin laptop computers. You want to know the price of ultra thin laptops. We hope to cover all the important information that you want, as you seek out information about what is coming out. Ultra thin laptops are going to be amazing and we want to be there along this journey as they get better and better! We are newly launched, but we are going to be your best source for ultra thin laptop computers. Just give us a couple more weeks to get there!

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