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New! April 12, 2011 - We've added our first ever cheap laptops Canada deal. We are now selling for the next week or until supplies run out, the 17.3 Inch Toshiba Satellite L675-076 laptop. Check out our brand new Laptops Canada Shop!

New! Just added the official Laptops Canada Blog!

We are Canadian owned and operated. Our goal is to become the #1 choice when shopping online for laptops in Canada.

We love the latest technology gadgets, especially laptops. Computers are our passion and that is our motivation and driving force behind launching our laptops Canada online store. Yes there are other electronic retailers online but how many of them are personable, down to earth, and passionate about laptops?

How are we different? We aren't bogged down with stores and employees. Our focus is to simply bring you the best laptops on the market today at the best prices that you can find anywhere. Think of it as cheap laptops Canada pricing! We don't sell desktops, we don't sell monitors, we don't sell digital cameras. We sell laptops. This is our focus 100% of the time. Laptops Canada. It's in the name.

When are we officially opening for business? Laptops Canada and our online store is now open! We will start off with our top picks for the best laptops and build up our offerings as we get organized. We want you to be satisfied with your laptop so why, as fellow Canadians, would we want to run the risk of you not being satisfied with your laptop purchase? The fact is we want to build our name on trust and honesty. We can accomplish that by offering you the best laptops that Canada has to offer.

Aside from an online store, what will offer? Great question. We will have a laptops blog featuring previews, reviews, coupons, upcoming sales, and everything else that's interesting to anyone who is looking to buy a laptop of anyone who loves laptops and wants to stay informed. In addition we will have specific pages of our website dedicated to the popular brand of laptops that you want. So expect to see HP laptops Canada, Toshiba laptops Canada and Acer laptops Canada specific pages because we know that is the coverage you want and expect from us. is proudly
100% Canadian Owned and Operated


Who is this masked man?

Why, it's the owner of and he seems to
think that there's a new sheriff in town. This cowboy has one
goal. That is to be the #1 laptops resource for Canadians.
If bargains were bullets, he would be unstoppable.





About Our Laptops Canada Site

Blog - This is where we provide the latest laptop reviews, laptop previews, laptop buying guide, and our weekly and monthly laptop deals. We are always updating with new laptops related news so check often!

Shop - Our online store where we are currently focused on bringing you one great cheap laptop deal at a time. Limited quantities and limited time! Don't worry, we will only be featuring the best of the best laptops for sale in these deals. This week we are featuring the 17.3 Inch Toshiba Satellite.

Contact - Send us an email. Ask anything you like! We will do our best to get you the answer to your question as quickly as possible.


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acer laptops canada


samsung laptops canada


msi laptops canada


lenovo laptops canada


hp laptops canada


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